Our research

Our research – and our researchers – have revolutionized IVF treatment especially day 5 – Blastocyst Culture Treatment. MMCH has a strong and long-standing commitment in supporting research with regard to Assisted Reproduction. Thanks to these efforts, MMCH is able to make valuable contributions in significantly improving the success opportunities of Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART), ultimately resulting In MMCH having one of the highest IVF pregnancy rates worldwide.

The development and refinement of the Day 5 Blastocyst Transfer Technology, Laser Assisted Hatching as clinical research works and the establishment of highly skilled techniques that allow stem cell extraction and growth along with CHG and IIS, Bangalore, India.

Our current research projects

  • Clinical IVF support
  • Culture media evaluation
  • Stem cell derivation
  • Somatic cell nuclear transfer
  • IMSI -Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection
  • IVM -In vitro Ovum Maturation
  • Clinical and genetic perspectives of “ART”
  • Genetic aspects of PCOD

Our research & development wing concentrate on following:

  • Genetic screening of the embryos in case of necessity as Pre Implantation Genetic Screening
  • Research in culturing immature eggs to fully mature status which may reduce the treatment cost
  • Culturing only Blastocysts after getting consent from the couple and to transfer only one blastocyst on day 5 or day 6 to avoid multifetal gestation which might be the ultimate treatment of choice in future
  • Co – culture of embryos with cumulus cells, fallopian endothelial cells, endometrial cell lines etc to offer better culture conditions for the embryos
  • Culturing the Blastocyst further beyond a week to reach Embryonic Stem Cells which yield totipotent cells for further separate cell line culture like cardiac cells, bone marrow cells, epidermal cells etc, for tissue transplantation treatment.
  • Vitrification is a novel way of preserving oocytes and blastocysts safely without much alteration in the cell integrity with better implantation rates after thawing.

Genesis Genetic Research Foundation incepted in 2004 in the presence of MARCO FILICORI , leading IVF scientist of USA.

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