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GFRC is an extremely distinguished medical centre for Infertility with all facilities under one roof. It has come a long way since its inception as a pioneering institute in ERODE, Tamil Nadu since 1996. It has taken giant steps to become a center of excellence in all facets of infertility and IVF treatment options, which are offered at an affordable cost for the public. This center has been a leader in Blastocyst Culture, an Extended embryo Culture Technology and another novel Male Infertility treatment modalities like Surgical Sperm Retrievals – TESA, MESA,PESA,TESE etc with ICSI facility and genetic studies too. This research center is a unit of Maaruthi Medical Center and Hospitals, which is a well known 300-bed corporate hospital situated in the centre of Erode city.


The success story of GFRC & MMCH in infertility treatment is largely due to the support of an extremely dedicated and experienced IVF team led by Dr Nirmala Sadasivam, who has invaluable experience due to the training she had at various world-class institutes overseas, since 1991, and has pioneered in Blastocyst Culture technique since 1998. She was recognized by National Academy of Medical science and offered MNAMS – membership. With the vast knowledge and experience in Blastocyst culture technique, she has utilized the data of more than 4000 infertile couples treated in her centre , she could do PhD in the same speciality. This institution was endorsed in its nascent stage at the National “Art” Registry of India, and is now a prestigious senior member of ISAR, India. Another feather in their cap is the inclusion of the centre as one among the esteem early participants at ASPIRE – Asia Pacific Initiation of Reproductive Endocrinology, Hong Kong, in their academic events. This institute is accredited to ICMR through the Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction.

The world level recognition for this centre , came largely due to the “medical miracle” where 64-year-old Mrs Pappathi Subramaniam gave birth to a healthy baby which was flashed in all media worldwide. This news has gained importance and it is occupying a page on BBC web site till today. This enduring success has a strong base of stupendous extended embryo culture technology (Blastocyst Technology) which conquered all obstacles of implantation in this old woman.

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