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Basically IVF is not a procedure which can guarantee you 100 % success , but the fertility centre’s expertise and infrastructure with individual assessment of the couples with proper counseling would definitely enhance the chance of success. Pre IVF hysteroscopy is a reasonable procedure to perform if there had been multiple failures with thin endometrium to rule out Genital Tuberculosis and to make sure the uterine cavity is good enough. Despite good quality  embryos and good looking endometrium there might be failure due to few nutritional deficiencies which should be identified and treated. If there is a an evidence of doubt regarding the implantation potential , the endometrium needs to be prepared accordingly with Endometrial Scratching prior to the month of embryo transfer and Growth factor augmentation of the endometrium can also be done to make it more receptive to the embryo. This had helped couples with multiple previous IVF failures to have a positive pregnancy . Quantitative assessment of the sperms and eggs are done widespread but qualitative assessment is missed out most of the times. This qualitative assessment would help us identify if the gametes are at fault , which when corrected with appropriate therapy , would definitely enhance the odds of the couple having a baby. A thorough psychological counseling with complete insight of all these procedures would help the couple to tide over the stress they go through .


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