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Date :10-Oct-2019

The trend for later motherhood is continuing to grow as more women are opting to become mothers in their early 40's or late 30's due to their own individual reasons. Whatever might be the reason for getting pregnant after 40 has become more frequent and rates have been more than doubling in the last decade.Even though the fertility rates drastically decrease in women after the age of 30, Thanks to advancement in the medical technology that has bestowed a boon for infertility couples or older women in the form of IVF

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The studies reveal that women in their 40s have a 40%-50% chance of conceiving within a year with the help of Assisted Reproductive Technology. Even though not all the ART techniques are suitable, only an expert and experienced gynecologist can recommend the best suitable option. 


Based on the physical examination and specific fertility blood tests that measure the number of available eggs and various other hormonal parameters, a gynecologist can suggest the below-mentioned options that include: 

  • Fertility drugs that can assist with natural ovulation
  • Intrauterine Insemination process that works by injecting the partner's sperm into the uterus
  • Mild IVF that uses fewer drugs to retrieve a small number of high-quality eggs from the women
  • Conventional IVF that uses ovarian stimulation mechanism to retrieve the optimum number of eggs required for fertilization
  • In the case of women whose ovarian reserve is minimal, even egg donors can also be recommended.
  • Generally, natural IVF or mild IVF is preferred for women in older women above 40 years. 


Below are certain lifestyle changes that might help women increase their chance of pregnancy along with fertility treatments. 

  • Work along with with your gynecologist to understand the do's and don' ts of the fertility treatment
  • It is always suggested to take your vitamin supplements to support your pregnancy
  • Maintain a proper body mass index with regular exercises
  • Cut down on the unhealthy junk food and consume more of iron and protein-rich food
  • It is advisable to quit smoking and drinking
  • It is suggested to manage the stress by practicing meditation and relaxation exercises.


Every woman has the right to fulfill her dream of being a mother despite her age. To make your dream come true and embrace the joy of motherhood do consult Dr.Nirmala Sadasivam at GENESIS IVF, who has unparalleled experience in treating infertility in older women.

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