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Date :29-Dec-2017


In order for pregnancy to occur an egg has to be released from the ovary and unite with a sperm. Normally this union is called fertilization and it occurs within the fallopian tube, which joins the uterus to the ovary. Sometimes this process would not take place naturally and is named as infertility.

IVF Treatment

In Vitro Fertilization(IVF) treatment is rather complex, involves multiple steps, a variety of medications and procedures. Several kinds of assistance are essential for the infertile people to have children. IVF is one of the methods that help the infertile persons to become parents. Those who are undergoing IVF have the problems with fallopian tubes, age, endometriosis, impaired sperm production, ovulation disorders etc.

IVF At Maaruthi Medical Center

Maaruthi Medical Center and Hospitals are renowned for their infertility treatment in Tamilnadu. The hospital has passed various milestones in the field of treating infertility for the past 17 years. The hospital is dedicated to providing professional, ethical and individualized reproductive care to the patients. They provide highest standard of medical and surgical care at their state of the art facilities with a compassionate and sensitive approach to each individual case. Maaruthi Medical Center is the best IVF treatment Center in Tamilnadu.

IVF procedure consist of :

  • A controlled ovarian stimulation with drugs to produce many eggs
  • Monitoring of follicles and egg development with the aid of vaginal sonography and serial estradiol hormone estimation
  • Administration of HCG injection
  • Oocyte or egg retrieval under short general anesthesia, 35 to 37 hours after HCG injection
  • Identification and isolation of eggs in the laboratory
  • Sperm collection and processing in the laboratory
  • Fertilization of egg with the sperm
  • Embryo formation 2 to 5 days after fertilization
  • Embryo transfer of good quality embryos back to the womb after 2 , 3 or 5 days after egg removal.

Factor affecting the Treatment

Maternal age, embryo quality , previous pregnancy, type of fertility problem, use of donor eggs, stimulation protocol and timing of ovulation, receptivity of endometrium, embryo transfer, sperm factors and lifestyle habits are the various factors affecting the success of IVF.

Maaruthi Medical Center has a team of dedicated team of doctors who are known for their excellent and skillful expertise. The staff is committed to being available to the patients at all times. The treatment starts only after identifying the exact cause of the infertility problem. Once the problem is identified, a customized support is given to the patient. The doctor will evaluate the case during consultation.

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