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  • World’s Eldest Motherhood :
                           This centre acquired its International accreditation when we delivered World’s Eldest Mother in 2004. 64- 74 yr old couple delivered in our centre with the employment of a cutting edge technology called Blastocyst .This was considered to be Medical Miracle and it still occupies a permanent page in BBC website, which is a tell tale of our Technology and Expertise.(weblink of that news)

  • India’s First Capsule test tube baby :
                                                We have an alternative to the regular conventional Test tube baby called Capsule Test tube baby which reduces the economical burden of the couples and it suits the young aged couples. India’s First Capsule Test tube baby was delivered in our centre in 2013, which is another feather to our hat

  • 25 years of expertise offering the highest success rate :
                            Our chief fertility consultant Dr.Nirmala Sadasivam , is one of the pioneers in the field of Fertility Medicine in India. This centre has the pride of delivering more than 12,000 IVF babies and more than 10,000 IUI babies.

  • Cutting Edge Technology :
                             This centre has the most Advanced IVF laboratory with cutting edge technology and the highest Quality Control accreditation. Our team of UK trained fertility experts with an in house Embryologist is another asset of this centre. The best available infrastructure with the most experienced team of Fertility Consultants helps us to provide the couples with the best success rate.

  • BAPC treatment :
                           BAPC treatment is the most recent technology available for couples with recurrent IVF failures. BAPC is carried out in this centre by a specially trained British fertility expert with an INDO – BRITISH collobration. This ideally works for couples who had failed despite the use of Laser Assisted Hatching , Embryo glue and other recent techniques.

  • Pioneers in Blastocyst Technique :
                        Dr. Nirmala Sadasivam is a pioneer in Blastocyst technique (Day 5 embryo transfer) , the highest success yielding method. She has  proved the superiority of Day 5 Embryo transfer over Day 3 Embryo transfer. Blastocyst needs a lot of infrastructure  and in house well trained Embryology experts which makes it unavailable in many centres across in India.


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