What are the risks of surrogacy? hr

The risks associated with surrogacy depend on the type of surrogacy (full or partial) undertaken. Generally, the risks associated with full surrogacy are similar to those for IVF. There is also a risk of transferring HIV and hepatitis, and so screening of everyone involved in surrogacy involving IUI and required in surrogacy arrangements involving IVF. If a registered donor at a licensed clinic is used, the donor will automatically be screened.

Legal issues associated with surrogacy

Surrogacy involves complicated legal issues and we recommend that you seek your own legal advice before making any decisions. It is important to know that surrogacy arrangements are unenforceable. It is also advisable to receive counseling before starting the surrogacy process, to help you to get answers for all the questions involved.

Payment issues

Paying surrogate expenses - As an individual, you are not allowed to pay for a surrogate in countries like UK - because commercial surrogacy is illegal. Though legally you are not committed to pay lump sum amounts to the surrogate mother at one time, you are responsible for the medical expenditures incurred for their pre treatment evaluation, medications during and after surrogacy treatment until her delivery. However, the intended parents are responsible for the reasonable expenses of the surrogate (for example, clothes, travel expenses and loss of earnings). Extra expense may be incurred when the surrogate have twins or more.

Clinic surrogacy fees - Fees to the clinic will depend on whether the arrangement involves insemination only or IVF procedures. The fees will also vary depending on which clinic is used and how many attempts you have. It differs as per the services availed by you and your surrogate mother.


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