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Date :23-Jul-2016

IVF is a one assisted reproductive technology. It is the process of removing the eggs from the ovaries and fertilizing them with sperms in the laboratory and then replacing the embryo egg into the uterus. IVF is also termed as in vitro fertilization or Test Tube Baby. The advancement of this technique leads to increase in the birth rate. Genesis Fertility research center, the best Test Tube Baby Center in Erode provides different Infertility Treatments in India at affordable rate.


How IVF works ?? Doctor will insert the ultrasound probe to vagina for observing the follicles. Eggs are removed from follicles when they are matured. After retrieving egg, it is placed in culture medium for few hours. Sperms are injected into egg. Bunch of sperms swim towards the egg, only one get inside the egg. zygote are formed and divided into 4 cells. Ultrasound is used for inserting catheter which containing embryo into the uterus through cervix. At the proper site of uterus, embryo ‘s are carefully deposited. After two years, pregnancy test take place for ensuring whether successful implantation of embryo has taken place.

IVF is prefered for female infertility because of damage in the fallopian tubes, for the male with poor sperm quality and also for the unexplained infertility.


We are the extremely distinguished medical Center for Infertility with all facilities under one roof.

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